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Stephen Burrows Biography
Sad But True

Stephen Burrows Credits
Film, Television, and Theatre

Stephen Burrows Career Credits
Historical Credit List

Oscar Nominations
For Your Consideration

Chump Change Treatment
Fame, Fortune, Cheese & Beer

Press Kit Cover
Now a Collector's Item

Early Chump Change Poster
Also a Collector's Item

Rejected DVD Box Covers
Four That Didn't Make the Cut

Film Festival Appearances
The Festivals That Showcased Chump Change

Chump Change Trailer - Video
8.2 megabytes - MPEG4

Rules of Comedy - Video - As told by Simon Sez
2.3 megabytes - MPEG4

Steve's Awards

User Reviews From,, etc.
Comments From the Audience

Critique DVD - French Review
French to English Translation SNAFU


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