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Chump Change Cast and Crew
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Cast and Crew


Stephen Burrows Milwaukee Steve
Tim Matheson Simon "Sez" Simone
Traci Elizabeth Lords Sam
Jerry Stiller The Colonel
Anne Meara Casting Director
Fred Willard Manager #3
Clancy Brown The Man
Abe Vigoda The Frog
A.J. Benza Agent #3
Miriam Flynn Bussler Waitress
Jon Chardiet Mr. C.
German Crotch Fresh Announcer
Chinese Crotch Fresh Announcer
McNally Sagal Maloney
Chuckie Self's Mom
Dorothy Parker
Theo Greenly Chuckie Self
Vene L. Arcoraci Limo Girl
Bianca Barnett Melody
Roger Clinton Studio Executive #2
Lee Cowan Crotch Fresh Announcer
Leland Crooke Commercial Director
Steve Meisner Steve Meisner Band
Darlene Darlene
Olivia Debono Ass-Slapped Girl
Sam Dole Studio Messenger
Willie Etra 88 Fingers
Gary Hendrickson Steve Meisner Band
Paula Hill Manager #2
John Judd Wisconsin Cop
Steve Kehela Security Guard
Christopher Lawford Studio Executive #1
Sondra Lee Her Mom
Mandy Levin Bistro Waitress
Mike Malin Manager #1
Peggy Maltby Studio Executive #2
Kristen McCullough Gail
Michael James McDonald Dack
Katherine Ann McGregor Mrs. Lambert
Bill Micale Steve Meisner Band
Brett Miller Crotch Fresh Team Mate
Kate Miller The Whore
Betsy Monroe Sugaree
John Rosenfeld Agent #1
Mary Scheer Agent #2
Dale Stelzer Steve Meisner Band
Amy Stiller Cherri Contrary
Sheila Travis Ria
Tanya Veit Agency Receptionist
Ernie Vincent Grandfather
Stefane Zamorano Coco Delapino
Harry & Mary Jo Burrows Gong Show Players
Taylor Ewing 8th Grader
Josh "G Man" Glynn 8th Grade Dropout
Penguin Boy
Artist Formerly Known as G Polka Loser
Laurent Gache French Crotch Fresh Announcer
Alice, Clifford and Bertie Page Pets For Crotch Fresh
Ernest Borgnine Appearing in "Poseidon Adventure"
Red Buttons Appearing in "Poseidon Adventure"
Carol Lynley Appearing in "Poseidon Adventure"
Pamela Sue Martin Appearing in "Poseidon Adventure"
Roddy McDowell Appearing in "Poseidon Adventure"
Eric Shea Appearing in "Poseidon Adventure"
Stella Stevens Appearing in "Poseidon Adventure"
Shelley Winters Appearing in "Poseidon Adventure"


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